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Board Charter Relationship With Other Stakeholders

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Guiding Principle

In the course of pursuing the vision and mission of the Company, the Board recognizes that no company can exist by maximizing shareholders value alone. In this regard, the needs and interests of other stakeholders are also taken into consideration.


It is the Company’s accountability to integrate responsible ethical practices into all aspects of the business operations to ensure long-term sustainability of business of the Company.


The Company encourages the practice of high ethical standards and upgrade the Company’s level of Corporate Conduct to cover four (4) main criteria as follows:-

1 Market Place


1 The Company is committed to uphold the corporate responsibility practices and to enhance the economic responsibilities by creating a good return to safeguard its

shareholders’ investment.


2 The Company is responsible to strive to develop and provide products and services which offer value in terms of price, quality, safety and environment impact.


3 The Company acknowledges the importance of good corporate governance and ensures the adherence to The Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance and to

comply with all listing requirements, rules and regulations.

2 Work Place


1 The Company acknowledges that the employees are invaluable assets and play a vital role in achieving the vision and mission of the Company.


2 The Company adopts comprehensive and documented policies and procedures with respect to the following:-


            1. Occupational safety and health with the objective of providing a safe, conducive and healthy working environment for all employees; and

            2. Industrial relations with the objective of managing employees’ welfare and well being in the workplace.

3 Environment


1 The Company acknowledges the need to safeguard and minimize the impact to the environment in the course of achieving the Company’s vision and mission.


2 The Company adopts comprehensive and documented policies and procedures as part of its commitment to protect the environment and contribute towards sustainable development.


3 The Company supports initiatives on environmental issues.

4 Community

1 Company shall play a vital role in contributing towards the welfare of the   community in which it operates.


      1. The Company supports charitable causes and initiatives on community development projects.

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