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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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About Us
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Our Milestone
Brief into time how SCGM Berhad started.....
Our Certifications
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Our Mission and Values
Provides an overview of our Company Mission and Values....

General Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Guiding Principle

The Company regards the AGM as the principal forum for dialogue with shareholders and aims to ensure that the AGM provides an important opportunity for effective communications and use it as a platform for constructive feedback from the company’s shareholders.

The Company regards the AGM as an important event in the corporate calendar of which all directors should attend.

The Chairman should encourage active participation by the shareholders during the AGM.

The Chairman and, where appropriate, the MD or any other Executive Director should respond to shareholders’ queries during the meeting. Where necessary, the Chairman should undertake to provide a written answer to any significant question that cannot be readily answered at the meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting

The Directors will consider requisitions by shareholders to convene an EGM or any other urgent matters requiring immediate attention of the Company.

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