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Friday, 23 February 2018

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About Us
Provides an overview of our Company History...
Our Milestone
Brief into time how SCGM Berhad started.....
Our Certifications
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Our Mission and Values
Provides an overview of our Company Mission and Values....

Board of Charter - Introduction


The Directors of SCGM Bhd (“SCGM”) regard Corporate Governance as vitally important to the success of
SCGM’s business and are unreservedly committed to applying the following principles of good governance
in all of its business dealings in respect of its shareholders and relevant stakeholders:-

• The Board is the focal point of the Company’s Corporate Governance system. It is ultimately accountable
and responsible for the performance and affairs of the Company;

• All Board members are expected to act in a professional manner, thereby upholding the core values of
integrity and enterprise with due regard to their fiduciary duties and responsibilities;

• All Board members are responsible to the Company for achieving a high level of good governance;

• In carrying out its responsibilities, the Board undertakes to secure the interests of shareholders as well as
the employees, suppliers and customers and the broader community – honestly, diligently, fairly and in
accordance with all applicable laws.

• The Board Charter shall continue and form an integral part of each Director’s duties and responsibilities.

This Board Charter is not a total document and should be read as an expression of principle for optimizing
corporate performance and accountability. The Board will review and update (if necessary) the Board Charter
on an annual basis.

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