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Thursday, 22 February 2018

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Supply of Information

  1. The Company aims to provide all Directors with timely and quality information and in a form and manner appropriate for them to discharge their duties effectively.

  1. The management is responsible in providing the Board with the required information in an appropriate and timely manner. The Managing Director, assisted by the Company Secretary, will assess the type of information required to be provided to the Board. If the information provided by the management is insufficient, the Board will make further enquiries where necessary to which the persons responsible will respond as fully and promptly as possible.

  1. A full agenda and comprehensive Board papers should be circulated to all Directors 5 days well in advance of each meeting.

  1. Amongst others, the Board papers should include the following:-

  1. Quarterly financial report of the Company;

  2. Minutes of meetings of all Committees of the Board;

  3. A current review of the operations of the Company;

  4. Reports on Related Party Transactions (if any);

  5. Directors’ and Substantial Shareholders’ share-dealings; and

  6. Annual Management Plans / Budget reports.


  1. Minutes of each Board meeting should be kept by the Company Secretary and should be available for inspection by any Director during office hours.


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