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    1. The Board appoints the Company Secretary, and experienced qualified Chartered Secretary who plays an important advisory role, and ensures that the Company fulfills the functions for which

      he / she has been appointed.


    1. The Company Secretary is accountable to the Board through the MD on all governance matters.


    1. The Company Secretary is a central source of information and advice to the Board and its Committees on issues relating to compliance with laws, rules, procedures and regulations

      affecting the Company.


    1. The Company Secretary should advise Directors of their obligations to adhere to matters relating to:


  • Disclosure of interest in securities

  • Disclosure of any conflict of interest in a transaction involving the Company

  • Prohibition on dealing in securities

  • Restrictions on disclosure of price-sensitive information


    1. The Company Secretary must keep abreast of, and inform, the Board of current governance practices.


    1. The Board members should have unlimited access to the professional advice and services of the Company Secretary.

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