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Code of Ethics and Conduct

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SCGM Bhd and its employees strictly adheres to the Malaysian Code of Ethics as defined with the framework of the Companies Commission of Malaysia.


SCGM Group and its employees adhere to Malaysia Code of Ethics, which promotes proper standards of conduct and sound and prudent business practices among corporations registered in Malaysia.

i)             To avoid conflict of interest including outside financial interests, other business interests, other employment, entertainment and gifts, corporate directorships, trusteeships.

 ii)                       To avoid misuse of position including the use of the firm's name or facilities for personal advantage, or speculation in commodities, gold, silver, foreign exchange or securities.

iii)                     To prevent misuse of information including a prohibition on dealing in securities of any company listed or pending listing where there is privileged information that would likely bring about a material change in the market price of the shares or other securities of the company if that information was publicly available. Also a prohibition on using insider information to influence another person to deal in the shares or securities concerned, and a prohibition on communicating such information to any other person who does not require such information in discharging their duty.

The public trust placed on the managers of the firms or corporations involves a heavy responsibility. They owe it to customers/shareholders to see to it that their corporations are professionally managed and soundly based. The directors, officers and employees of the corporation, thus, must be seen to conduct their business with the highest level of moral behaviour.

iv)                     To ensure integrity of records and transactions including a responsibility that accounting records and reports must be complete and accurate, must not obscure the true nature of any transaction and must not mislead on true authorisation limits or approvals by relevant authorities. In addition, the spirit and letter of relevant legislation must be strictly observed, and all records and files of the corporation must be accessed and used only for management-approved purposes.

v)                       To ensure confidentiality of communication and transactions including a responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of relations and dealings with customers and take every precaution to protect the confidentiality of customer information and transactions and ensure that secrets, copyrighted material, correspondence, accounts and dealings are not disclosed, except when disclosure is required by law, and are not used in any way for personal gain.

vi)                     To ensure fair and equitable treatment including a responsibility that all business dealings with current and potential customers, with other members of staff or with those who may have cause to rely on the corporation, be conducted fairly and equitably. Any transactions with insiders or related interests should be avoided, and if they go ahead, must be in full compliance with the law, judged on normal business criteria basis and be fully documented and duly authorised by the Board of Directors or an independent party.

Over 35 years experience and knowledge of international manufacturing standards, we are dedicated to provide the best and economical solutions to our valued customers. Serving more than 30 countries, we strive to provide the most competitive pricing with highest quality.

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